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Night Before Doomsday.  My son gave me the title.  This novella had been accepted by and anthology, but the release date for the publication had been indefinitely extended.  A couple of friends had self published, and I thought I’d give it a shot with NBD.  My son designed a cover, and off we went.  I particularly like this novella and the hero, Azazel, because I think it presents the Watchers in a kinder light than most stories.  A long excerpt is available on Amazon.

As to Valentine’s Day.  And I have the heroes in my books whom I dearly love.

Each time I leave a book, I grieve that I am letting go of another darling and can’t possibly believe that I could love another hero as much. Funny thing is that a writer’s love is fickle. I still have my favorite. A British lord, a concert pianist and a vampire…Morgan D’Arcy. But running a close race is Alain from Gemini Rising to be released in July by Double Dragon Publishing, Inc. and Sterling in Cardinal Desires comin in 2013 from DDP.

I hope you will join the Hippie Chicks blog tour for a lot of fun and some wonderful prizes.  Have a great Valentine’s Day.  I’m spending that special day with very special men–my heroes.  I told my boyfriend that he’s off the hook for flowers and chocolate, but emeralds would be nice.  tee hee

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!