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Today, I’m interviewing Alain Alastair, a most interesting man.  Please, Alain, have a seat and we’ll begin.  (A tall, stunningly handsome man with pale, long blond hair glides into a chair by the fire).

What is your greatest temptation?

In women:  Long legs

In food:   Madeira on vanilla ice cream

In clothes:  Cashmere sweaters.  The sea wind chills the island, and the castle can be bleak in winter though we do have central heating.

What is your greatest weakness (example: buying shoes)?  Intelligent women.  I think a clever woman with a quick wit is sexy.

If you could have any kind of car, what would it be?  Aston Martin

Your dream home – mountains or ocean?  Alastair Keep is surrounded by the sea. I love the sound of the waves crashing on the rocky shore and the beauty of the endless blue.  I’ve never lived in the mountains. I’d like to spend some time in Colorado, but escape from The Keep is impossible.

 Why impossible?  I’m heir to the title and the estates.  Every time I escape, something brings me backOften I feel that I belong to the Keep, not that the island belongs to me.

 What inspires your inner child?  Riding my horse.  He is aptly named Spirit, and he is both spirited and part of my soul.  We’re working third level dressage now, but he loves to jump.  I’d swear he has wings.

What is your favorite book?  There’s a long list of them.  I liked the V.C. Andrews books.  Have you read Flowers in the Attic?  But I suppose my favorite is The Picture of Dorian Gray.  The thought that life is a mask and Wilde’s lush language are provocative.

What is your favorite movie?  Legends of the Fall.  It’s a very tragic story, but I’ve watched it several times.  For days after, I’m depressed.  (He laughs, the sound musical and as beautiful as he)

Who is your favorite historical figure?  Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne to marry the woman he loved.

You have an identical twin.  Your birth shocked the foundations of the medical world.  You and Alina are the only monozygotic twins born different sexes.  How has that affected your lives?  We try to fly beneath the radar to avoid notoriety. As to affecting my life, I can’t imagine not being a twin.

I guess, as a twin, you are very close to your sister.  (A hesitation)  Yes, of course, we are one being split in two.  As children, we spoke in sync.  Although she is married to my best friend, we are still very close.  The picture is my twin sister, Alina.

Do twins have a secret language?  (Alain nods)  The formal name for twin talk is idioglossia.  Alina and I can communicate without speaking.  I know what she is feeling.  If she’s in pain, I hurt.  Very inconvenient at times actually.

 Amazing.  Thanks for being candid, Alain.  I hope your book Gemini Rising is a big success.  Where can we get a copy?  Double Dragon Publishing

Check out the video on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08IGfFxPCWQ  Also visit the Gemini Rising page here on the blog for an excerpt and blurb.