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XOXO Spring Blog Hop (2)I make my New Year Resolutions in Spring.  Frees up the first couple of months for writing or trying to get out more—one of my NYE aims.    Like spring cleaning, I try to abandon those practices or thoughts that have not worked.  This philosophy usually lasts as long as the spring cleaning.  But a friend of mine once told me that she would think about doing something then do the opposite of what she would have done in the past.  I’ve tried this but it really doesn’t work for me.  I guess I’m too cautious.   This spring, I resolved to exercise.  Yeah right.  Anyone else broken that one yet?  BIC, that’s me.  But writing requires Butt In Chair.

Writing is a lonely practice, by and large.  I have my writing friends, but when you are with your characters, in those exotic or mundane locales, you are alone in your “writing space.”  Husbands, significant others, children and friends must not transgress on this space.  They do.  Like everyone else’s lives.  Right?

My favorites of Spring are the Top-Down Days before it gets stifling, humidity hot in Houston, bluebonnets0a8892722d558640, daffodils, thoughts of love in the air.  Writing is what chain mes to my computer rather than enjoying the Drop Top Days.  My choice.  I love my heroes and heroines and being somewhere else with them.

All the time, I question why I write.  I have to write for my own sanity.  Some watch TV.  I write.  It’s self therapy.

My latest release, Gemini Rising, is all about love, deep and dark as an underground river, and the psychology of that love.  The first chapter is available on line at Double Dragon Publishing.  It is erotic.  It is controversial.  The ending, I hope, is shocking.GeminiRising3


His eyes adjusted to the gloom.  Lina curled in a blanket against the chill, gnarled rock.

“I knew you’d finally come.”  Her voice was small, nearly inaudible above the crash of the surf.

He crawled forward on his knees.  The cave was too small for them to stand.  She offered to share the blanket, and he snuggled against her.  Her gaze found his, but she didn’t speak.  Accusation sparkled in her eyes.  He looked away, studying the cavern walls.  In the thundering silence, they were motionless.  He was reluctant to break the enchantment of being with her.

She turned and his arms went around her.  She cradled his face between soft, loving hands.  Electric desire zinged through him, but his heart melted.  He loved her more than anything in the world.

“I’ve missed you so,” he said simply.

“Kiss me.”

He swallowed hard, grasped at his promise not surrender to forbidden love and brushed his lips to her cheek.

This is an erotic dark fantasy.  Buy link:  http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/single.php?ISBN=1-55404-978-4

My prize besides the grand prize of an ebook prize package of XOXO authors!!!! is a Gemini Rising Mousepad with the dynamic cover.  And there’s some swag for other commenters.  Hop on for other great prizes.  http://sensuouspromos.blogspot.com