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Yesterday, in anticipation of my trip to Atlanta and Moonlight & Magnolias (a writers’ conference), I ordered trading cards for three of the characters from Sinners’ Opera.  My son helped me with the template (thank goodness!  I don’t even know how to open that Adobe program).  The front is the cover; the back an image of the character and a description.  I had planned to post the cards but WordPress won’t upload a PDF.  Say, did anyone notice that the apostrophe on the cover is a fang?

This morning, I feel like rambling.  For M&M, I am putting together an Author’s Basket for raffle.  I got a really good price on a Waterford Marquis wine stopper for the basket.  I’m including Vampire wine (cabernet), a wine opener, and, among other things, chocolate. There’ll also be an autographed copy of Sinners’ Opera.  I’m putting the trading cards on the goodies table and in the basket.  I’ll be at the book signing with Sinners’ Opera and Gemini Rising.  Can’t decide how many copies to ship to Atlanta.  Would appreciate pointers on that.

I also want to have votives on the goodies table.  The candle is wrapped in net, tied with a ribbon and a business card attached.  These go really fast.

Costumes are encouraged for the dinner.  I’m wearing my vampire dress and a vampire choker.  Mary and meThis is the dress and the cute petite woman beside me is an old friend and author, Mary Marvella Barfield.  I think the photo was taken at Romantic Times Convention.  How do you like the black wig?

The choker is velvet with red Swarovski crystals.  I’ll wear the choker to the book signing, too.  I’ve wanted it for ages but wouldn’t spend the money.

Here it is!









As you can tell, I’m excited about the conference.  There will be a lot of people I know there, including Mary.

Enough rambling for a Sunday morning.  Back to work on Sinners’ Obsession, the sequel to Sinners’ Opera.

Have a fabulous day.