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20140222_092650Was an absolute blast as well as profitable and good experience.  The event was in Katy, Texas, from 9 to 6.  More than 60 authors participated.  The Houston Press was there.  My table looked rather nice I think.  I took Gemini Rising, Sinners’ Opera and Cardinal Desires.  Bianca sent On Wings of Desire.  Also on the table were Dove chocolates, discs with an excerpt of Sinners’ Opera read by John Macrae-Hall (very British), Sinners’ Opera trading cards, signed cover flats and scented candles for giveaway.  These little candles are great for attracting people.  I wrap them in net, tie with pretty ribbon and stable a business card to the ribbon.  For decoration, I had a Vampire wine bottle with black roses.

The Bash was produced by Wines and Labels Productions, and Linnette did a great job.  The multi-author book signing was professionally done and, as I said, a lot of fun.

At the table next to mine was sci-fi author Terry R. Hill, a very pleasant man.  He had produced his book through Createspace and had nothing but good to say about his experience.  His books looked great.

If there is another Bash, I will definitely be there.  I hope my book signing at the Blue Willow Bookstore on Memorial here in Houston will be as successful.  That signing is March 8 from 3-4 PM, and I will be pouring Vampire wine!