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ASH’S FIRE is a romantic mystery novel for real-life, thinking women. Its main ingredients are consuming desire, addictive love, grave suspicions, the testing of friendship and loyalty, and the hardships of modern monogamy. It is the first novel in a planned trilogy.

In a nutshell: Attorney Jordan Cohen has built a solid life with Sam, her husband, best friend and brilliant criminal defense attorney. At forty-something, she is accomplished and beautiful, but despondent. What’s next? Old age, then death? When Sam invokes their old pact and demands Jordan’s consent to his affair, Jordan fights her fear and anger.

A chance encounter with the New York-based concert pianist Ari Ash offers Jordan a venue for retaliation. But enthralled with Ari’s dazzling smile, stirring music and raven locks, her fling turns into a full-blown affair. And Ari’s heart-stopping, mind-bending sex games turn her into an addict. When Sam finds out, the Cohens’ friendship – and partnership – is tested.

When Ari becomes a suspect in a grisly, execution-style murder, Jordan stands by him and enlists Sam to defend him. But her loyalty to her lover is eroded as she uncovers one troubling fact after another. Ari has many secrets…

And then her marriage and the Cohen & Cohen law firm are threatened by a manipulative police detective who threatens Jordan with exposure of her affair…

In the old-meets-new vibrant city of Tel-Aviv, a tormented Jordan races to uncover the truth, save the two men that she loves, and ultimately, reclaim her own path.


MEDIA KIT ASHS FIRE CALLIE GOLD fullsizejpg“Are you okay?” she asked, reigning in her instant desire for him, feeling the burden of the empty shelves in the empty apartment.

“Keeping busy,” he texted.

“How was your rehearsal?”

“Better than yesterday,” Ari wrote.

“That’s great,” she wrote back, and added another smiley. “I miss you.”

“Me too,” he wrote. “I think of your hands caressing me.”

“Lots of caressing waiting for you when you come back.” Ari knows how to cheer himself up, she thought, focus on the positive, on what he was doing, on the good things to come. And then she added, “I miss your hands, too.” She imagined his hands, big and strong and sensuous, more knowing than any that had ever touched her. She thought of his long menu of touches, from fluttering butterflies that landed and danced, to hungry lions, that pounced and devoured. From ticklish caterpillars that wriggled slowly, to finicky kittens that bumped exuberantly. His hands told innumerable stories, took her body on imaginary voyages. His hands knew how to fill her with fantasy, with excitement.

“Where exactly do you miss them?” he asked.

“It’s a very long list.” she answered, a smile pulling her cheeks up, her skin tingling. Jordan felt his hands on her face, caressing her gently, reaching into her hair, and then behind her neck, holding her head, nestling it. Ari’s hands knew how to sooth her pain, give her patience to wait for his return. She felt his hands waking her body, exciting it, make her blood heat and run faster in her veins.

“I’m looking at your beautiful face now,” he wrote back, “I want you to do the same.”

“Got it,” she smiled. “You XL piece of sweet caramel candy, you!” she said. “I wish I could be there to help you with the shelves.”

“Me, too. You can hold, while I drill. Give me a hand?”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Callie Gold is an Israeli and a Jew. She has lived in the USA for about a decade before MEDIA KIT Callie Goldreturning home. She is a lawyer, a divorce mediator and a marriage counselor, and she helps couples work through their personal and marital crises. She is the author of a practical guide for couples in a committed relationship, published in Israel in 2014. Ash’s Fire is her first novel. Callie is married and a mother of three kids.





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