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The Pitfalls of Writing Fantasy

VBT_TourBanner_TearsForTheWorldHello book fans! Thank you very much, Linda, for hosting me today. Your time is truly appreciated.

Originality. This one word sums up the pitfalls and challenges of writing in the fantasy genre. There are many, many great stories out there by popular and lesser known authors. The stories may be page-turners, however many of those novels share similar elements. I know most of us have read a story and said at one time or another, “This sounds just like that other book.”

There are only so many ways you can have someone cast a spell, fight a monster, deal with dragons, describe a forest, castle, or some other village. Some authors even have very similar character descriptions or behaviors of certain beings in their novels. Sometimes we start writing and really get into our work. Later, we find out that a certain scene, object, or person sounds just like X scene, object, or person in another story. It can be quite frustrating starting over.

As for the stories themselves, being original with the overall plot can also be quite a challenge. Protagonist beats bad guy. Hero/heroine saves significant other. World is rescued from doom. These are plots that can also be written in so many ways. A writer truly needs to avoid the pitfall of having another book or movie unconsciously adding descriptions or characteristics to the writer’s story as it unfolds. It is not easy. I spent weeks hashing out the plot for my novel Tears for a World. One reviewer on Goodreads said they had never read a story quite like this one, and they gave credit to its originality. That made me feel good because at least one person felt the material was something new. I hope others do as well!

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BookCover_TearsForAWorldThe holy artifact bonded around Marisylia Malludar’s neck gives her incredible physical and magical powers—at a price. The bloody piece of vein is consuming Marisylia’s body inch by inch, her skeletal hands and feet only the beginning of a slow death. A cruel sorceress and her assassins are on the hunt for Marisylia to steal the artifact. Religious fanatics, volatile and unstable in their blind faith, also seek her to exploit the vein’s most dangerous purpose—liberating the erratic Creator of the World, Lysielle, from her 1,000 year incarceration.

With the vein the key to Lysielle’s freedom, Marisylia must use her abilities to survive long enough to find Lysielle first. Then her most grim challenge awaits—deciding if the Creator has truly repented for attempting to destroy all life. To achieve global peace, Marisylia must discover faith in the unpredictable Lysielle or rely on her own instincts to set the world’s fate.



Marisylia nodded, then reached out and touched his shoulder. “Thank you for watching over me, Krahn. You haven’t stopped doing that since the explosion. All those days I wrapped myself in seclusion, but I do realize how much you’ve been here for me.”

Krahn turned toward her on the bench. Unexpected heat rose in Marisylia’s cheeks as their eyes met. Her hand still rested on his shoulder. His arm moved as if to touch her leg, but his hand ended up on his knee. “You’re very welcome,” he said. “But I’m just doing my job, Mari. Security has been my life for many years. With Milick in Three Fingers, I can return to Lenth knowing you are safe.”

Disappointment pressed Marisylia like a weight, pinning her to the bench. Is that what he had been doing all this time, merely performing his job? Did he not care about their effort at a relationship that began in Lenth? Apparently he wanted to return home. She then felt a bit naïve as the warmth returned to her cheeks. Of course Krahn was doing his job, that’s what he had been hired to do. And truthfully, their short time together in the city didn’t warrant a full loving commitment, as if they had been a couple for years.

Still, after everything they had experienced together, she hoped Krahn had developed more affection for her. She certainly had grown to appreciate him, and found his company reassuring.



AuthorPhoto_TearsForAWorldAlexander Fernandez was born in Santa Monica, CA and grew up in Rancho Cucamonga. Currently serving over 20 years in the United States Air Force, he lives with his wife Helem in Rocklin, CA.

Alex has been writing fantasy stories since early childhood for both school and for pleasure. He hopes to make a lasting emotional impact in his readers. He thrives in the exhilaration of creating memorable characters and adventures that become a part of the reader’s life.

Author site: http://www.authoralexanderfernandez.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TearsForAWorld

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authoraf

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tears-World-Lonely-Trilogy-Book-ebook/dp/B00NR6X71I/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1421455620&sr=8-1&keywords=tears+for+a+world


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