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Gallop_animatedIn what seems like the distant past, I was a semi-professional horsewoman. I bred, trained and showed the magnificent Andalusian horse. I can’t expound enough on the virtues of this breed—they are loyal friends, beautiful, talented, agile (they are the bullfighting horses of Spain!) and even the stallions, though fiery, are docile.

After I sold my soul mate, Bonito, my partner of many years, I bought a pure white stallion named Alegre. Bonito was my first Andalusian stallion and remains king of my heart of horses today, though I loved Alegre dearly. While Bonito and I showed in almost every class in horse shows from dressage to musical freestyle (we did a performance to The phantomPhantom of the Opera) to hunter hack, Alegre and I played. We’d share a beer and a carrot at a small, local horse show or at the Florida Renaissance Festival. We were buddies. He…

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