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Because I’m a horse lover in the first degree, our own Mary Ricksen shared the video link with me, and I was inspired to share these two links about Sgt. Reckless, a sorrel mare who carried ammunition in the Korean War. This horse of Mongolian breeding was honored as one of 100 American Heroes, along with Washington and Lincoln, and promoted by the Marine Corps every time they had a chance to give her tribute for her service in the battlefield.

330px-Reckless_with_Sgt__LathamHer dam was a race horse.  In October 1952, she was purchased for $250 (the video says $350) from a Korean stableboy at the Seoul racetrack. He needed money to buy an artificial leg for his sister. Members of the US Marine Corps bought Reckless and trained to be a pack horse for the Recoilless Rifle Platoon, Anti-Tank Company, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division.

The article…

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