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LoveForSale_w9468_medYAY human-like androids!  Christian and March from Love For Sale won the 2015 Paranormal Romance Guild award in its category (Science Fiction/Fantasy)!  I’m very pleased with this distinction because PRG receives a lot of submissions for review every year and to be nominated is an honor.

The book was also in the Top 10 in the Preditors & Editors Poll!

Here is the blurb:

March Morgan still believes in true love, but her faith in finding her soul mate is slowly vanishing. She’s been married but never in love. So, it is a miracle to find that fantasy exists on the last page of a glossy women’s journal. Mayfair Electronics, Ltd., in black and white, offers Love for Sale. The London firm has engineered sentient androids indistinguishable from humans. She flies to England and meets the man she has been searching for her entire life.

Christian requires no programming to…

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