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Class Act Books and Toni V. Sweeney present:

The Sunday Man – (Book 5: Liam, in the McCoy Family Saga) – 19th century romance


Like his uncle Padraig, Liam McCoy is the black sheep of the McCoy family’s third generation.  Unlike his uncle, he has no intention to change. Being the owner of some questionable businesses suits him just fine.

Unfortunately Liam never fully recovered from the shoot-out saving his cousin’s life, and if he doesn’t change his way of living soon…he may not be living much longer.

When his father demands he return to Ireland, Liam has to again become the gentleman he was raised to be. A devastating rainstorm and a spirited Irish lass will definitely change the way he thinks about a lot of things.


“What do you want, Walters?” Liam’s greeting was anything but friendly as he approached the table by which the gent from Omaha stood. “I’m not going to ask you to sundayman-453x680sit because you aren’t going to here that long.” He gave Walters a baleful stare.

The man represented Painted Lady Enterprises, one of the largest and most

successful establishments in Omaha, comprised of four saloons, three casinos, and two brothels. Walters was a gambler in one of the casinos, and also the legman for the owner, Carleton Troy, someone as accustomed to getting his way as Liam was.

“Just stopping by to see if you’d thought over my boss’ offer,” the gambler ignored Liam’s statement. “I hear you’re going to Europe. That’s a long way from Nebraska. A good many things could happen here and you’d never know. Some things might happen there, too.”

“That sounds like a threat.” Liam walked to the bar. “Your boss got contacts in Europe?”

Behind him, Kelly went around it and reached for a bottle under the counter. He poured two fingers into a shot glass, offering it to Liam and ignoring Walters who glanced longingly at the label.

“No threat,” Walters denied. He turned his attention from the bottle resting on the bar to Liam again. “Just stating a fact.”

“I’m not planning on staying away long.” Liam raised the glass, tossing down the whiskey. He set it on the bar.  “My trusted employees will be taking care of business while I’m gone.”

“You never can tell,” Walters went on. “Someone might come in here and convince those trusted employees to double-cross you, sell you out. While the cat’s away, the mice have been known to change sides.”

“I doubt that’s going to happen.” If anything, Liam appeared amused by Walters’ oblique threat. “Do you, Kelly?”

“Can’t think o’ any reason why it should, boss,” the Irishman answered.

“You see, Walters, I trust my people.” Liam leaned against the bar, one booted foot resting on the brass rail. “More than I trust some of my competitors, and if anyone dares try taking over while I’m gone…” He glanced at Kelly. “What would happen?”

“I imagine that someone would meet up with an accident in a dark alley somewhere,” Kelly didn’t have to think of an answer. “Like that tinhorn you caught dealin’ off th’ bottom o’ th’ deck that time.” He shifted his weight and reached for a polishing cloth.

“Hard to deal cards with broken fingers,” Liam said. He gave Walters a direct stare. “Never did find out who put him up to cheating my customers.” Liam knew exactly who’d sent the cardsharp to his casino. He was gratified to see Walters pale slightly. Like most tinhorns, he wasn’t much with a gun and the reminder how the gambler in question had looked when he stumbled into one of Troy’s saloons, with fingers bandaged and splinted, made him lose color fast.







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