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Today, I posted the review of Author Kat Green’s chilling but warming (how is that? Read the book!) novel, First Contact.

first-contact“I don’t read ghost stories, quite frankly because they give me cold shivers. I didn’t exactly sleep with the lights on when I read First Contact, but the book is chilling while at the same time having a lovely love plot woven cleverly through the story. I bought this book because it came highly recommended by a friend who devours books in short order as a must read. From the first time he walked on stage, I was hoping Joshua would get the girl. I’m not going to divulge whether he did or not, but I think you’ll like the characters and enjoy them as much as I did. Sloane, the heroine, stepped off the page into reality (if you can call her chosen profession reality) immediately and kept the pages turning until the end and way too late most nights when I’d surface from the story and realize it was time for bed. Even the ghosts “come alive” and become moving forces in this tale of misguided love and madness. Take a deep breath and jump into First Contact. You’ll finish it in a short time because you can’t stop reading — even if the hair at your napes ripples and a shiver leaps down your spine! I look forward to reading more of Kat Green’s well-plotted and well-written novels. Next!”

I recommend that you take a look at this book. You won’t regret the journey.