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I wrote a sequel to Love For Sale (The Wild Rose Press) sometime ago, but the editorLoveForSale_w9468_med didn’t particularly like it.  I have since returned to the Black Rose line and my original editor, Callie Lynn Wolfe–Love her!  While Love for a Song sat in my computer, the story started to change in my mind.

The book belongs to  Daniel, a secondary character in Love For Sale. It’s his love story and furthers the world of the androids themselves, introducing new characters–steadily growing as the plot changes in my head.  I also changed the name to Life For Sale. Hopefully, I’ll be ready to send this book to Callie by end of next month.  The original will need a lot of work before it is morphs into my new vision of it. The book will definitely be darker than the original concept, but I think more believable.

Love For Sale was the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewers’ Choice in Sci-Fi Romance in 2015.  You can pick up a copy on Amazon or at The Wild Rose Press website.prg-002