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Life keeps us busy! Planning a webinar takes time. Selling that webinar takes time! Selling our books takes time.Tutoring and editing keep me from having time for much mischief. Cleaning is not happening!

I have no time to read novels I’m not editing, but I can manage to read an occasional short story. Anthologies are wonderful since they contain shorter reads.  When Gilded Dragonfly Books planned an anthology for Valentine’s Day we wanted to write stories with an audience that includes people who might not read typical romances. Some of us chose older heroines and unexpected  couples. We promise a happily ever after in these nine stories in Finding Love’s Magic.

Finding Love’s Magic is the perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself!  In Cupid’s Bow, Georgia anything can happen.  No one knows a goddess lives in the southern town playing matchmaker. Ghosts haunt houses and normal…

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