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Uncaged Magazine gave Morgan D’Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody a rating of 5-Stars.  The review says:

Four separate adventures in the long life of
Morgan D’Arcy. These four short stories within
this book read beautifully – I was enthralled with
Morgan. A sensual and well written tale of a vampire,
beautiful and sophisticated as much as he
is brutal and deadly. From wanting to be mortal
again, just to be able to love and walk in the sun
– Morgan’s urges and strong desires and even in
these stories, you get a good feel for the characters
and the world that is built.
From the vampire wishing for his mortality and
taking crazy chances in Devil’s Waltz, to the enchanting
Sunrise, Sunset – this collection has me
wanting to know more about Morgan, a vampire
that is both one to love…and one to fear, the way
vampires should be.

I’m delighted that the reviewer fell for Morgan.  He is a fav of mine! He has another book but I can’t publish it until my current contract on Sinners’ Opera expires.  AARGH.