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I’d like to welcome author James Austin McCormick to PFS. James, I was in Manchester i May.  Please tell us about you:

My latest novel is a continuation of my DRAGON SciFi/space opera series and the fourth entry in the continuing story of Sillow Low, the elf-like Sylvan, con man, and Agency spy.

The Prisoner of Valathia takes place after their escape from Tamerlane’s hi-tech prison, and the defeat of Darius Drake’s apocalyptic plans for the humanoid home-worlds, Titanya the Pirate Queen joins Sylvan Silla Low in becoming an agent of the Alliance.

Now partners, the brash, beautiful pirate queen, and the cowardly, chain-smoking elf, take on their first official mission together…investigate the hijack of a prototype military stealth craft and its connection to the mysterious owner of a small mining operation.

What begins as a simple undercover mission soon becomes something far more sinister as they find themselves caught…

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