Don’t care as much about what people think, and do things to please myself.  I guess those of you who know me well know that the last statement has always been true.

I’m going with three of my dear friends on a birthday (our treat to ourselves) cruise in October.  The ship has a formal Captain’s Night but…

I’m thinking of going formal or semi-formal every night simply because I love beautiful dresses and wearing them.  I must be reincarnated from a more graceful age when women dressed in beautiful gowns all the time.  I’ve asked the others if they’d like to join me in this but have received 2 ‘nos.’  I suspect a 3rd when the other friend returns from a vacation with her hubby. Should I do it anyway? Just me when everyone else looks like a refugee from Margaritaville? I can do that too!  Will I will or will I won’t?

HeWre’s the gown for Captain’s Night: