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GENRE: Sci-fi/Fantasy




Telepathy creates as many problems as it solves, as most of the members of the secret organization x0 would admit. When new member Lola discovers another group of telepaths with a completely different approach, those problems multiply at the speed of thought.

Soon, Lola’s family and friends are in danger. Lucky for her, she’s not your average budding psychic. Each person with whom she is close has a special gift of their own. That’s good, because it’s going to take every power they possess to keep this other group from succeeding with their plan to eradicate x0.



Lola often thought that she didn’t spend enough time being thankful for the simple yet wonderful things in her life. The warm cup of coffee in her hand was a miracle wrought by mysterious beans picked on the other side of the world, roasted in the sun and flown thousands of miles to her hometown. She smelled the rich aroma as she watched her twenty-something son graciously repair the tire of an elderly family friend.

Her son was kind and patient as he listened to Maurice tell stories of flat tires from long ago, feigning interest in the tales or possibly even feeling it. Either way, Lola was appreciative for her son and for her friend and for the warm cup of coffee in her hand. She had just moved on to gratitude for the blue winter sky and the quietness of the street when she saw the large black SUV.

“Oh for God’s sake, not you people again,” she muttered.

Maurice heard her thoughts and looked up, but there wasn’t much he or Zane could do as the vehicle turned into the driveway and five men in masks carrying guns stepped out. Again.

Lola turned to yell to Alex, Xuha, and Yuden in the kitchen, then heard the front door bang open and felt the familiar sting in her neck.

Not that again, too.

It was the last coherent thought she would have for a while.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sherrie grew up in Western Kansas thinking that there was no place in the universe more fascinating than outer space. After her mother vetoed astronaut as a career ambition, she went on to study journalism and physics in hopes of becoming a science writer.

She published her first science fiction short story long ago, and then waited a lot of tables while she looked for inspiration for the next story. When it finally came, it declared to her that it had to be whole book, nothing less. One night, while digesting this disturbing piece of news, she drank way too many shots of ouzo with her boyfriend. She woke up thirty-one years later demanding to know what was going on.

The boyfriend, who she had apparently long since married, asked her to calm down and explained that in a fit of practicality she had gone back to school and gotten a degree in geophysics and had spent the last 28 years interpreting seismic data in the oil industry. The good news, according to Mr. Cronin, was that she had found it at least mildly entertaining and ridiculously well-paying The bad news was that the two of them had still managed to spend almost all of the money.

Apparently she was now Mrs. Cronin, and the further good news was that they had produced three wonderful children whom they loved dearly, even though to be honest that is where a lot of the money had gone. Even better news was that Mr. Cronin turned out to be a warm-hearted, encouraging sort who was happy to see her awake and ready to write. “It’s about time,” were his exact words.

Sherrie Cronin discovered that over the ensuing decades Sally Ride had already managed to become the first woman in space and apparently had done a fine job of it. No one, however, had written the book that had been in Sherrie’s head for decades. The only problem was, the book informed her sternly that it had now grown into a six book collection. Sherrie decided that she better start writing it before it got any longer. She’s been wide awake ever since, and writing away.



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