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THE FOREST WITCH, Book 7 of the Narrative of Riven the Heretic, Part 1 of the Arcanian Chronicles.

In Young Hawks Flying, Valriven kan Ingan, wounded and left for dead by the margrave’s men, is saved by Tamsin, a Ghermian forest witch.  With Hronhild the wolf-shifter, he becomes her companion. When he believes she and Hronhild die in a battle with a wizard’s minions, he returns to his quest of reuniting his brothers to fight Morling of Francovia.

Tamsin didn’t die, however, nor did Hronhild.  Instead, they survived to continue their adventures and achieve what each desired most in life.

Here, then, is the complete story of Tamsin, the Forest Witch…

From Class Act Books.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Forest-Witch-Arcanian-Chronicles-Book-ebook/dp/B07916QNYZ/