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At the end of this month, Wings will be flying halfway across the country (916 miles), ferrying my aunt and me to South Carolina.  I’m going home. I’ve learned to love Texas, and I’ll miss it. I’m leaving my dear friends Beda, Lisa and Kelly, and of course my son is here, but it’s time to move on.

I’m negotiating on a cute little brick bungalow in Anderson and should know by Monday if it will be my new home. It’s right beside a big church and that reminds me of the lyrics to an old country song: On Sundays, we’d sit outside on the porch in our underwear watching the Baptists go by.  It’s funny I don’t remember the name of the song, only the lyrics.

Yes, my aunt is flying out on the 30th to drive with me back to SC.  It will be a short road trip because she has to be in Anderson on Monday to go to work. Could be a great road trip if we had more time.

Wings away!