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I welcome Simon Williams today.  He has agreed to submit to questioning, so!

  1. Tell me three words that describe yourself starting with A, B, and C

Aged, bony and cretinous? Hmm. Maybe author, broke and… can’t think of one beginning with C….

  1. Which genre or genres do you write or prefer to write? And why? 

Fantasy, sci-fi and some horror… it’s what I do. I can’t see myself writing sloppy romance or porn like so many people seem to do, or “cosy mysteries”. I write the genres I love, basically.

  1. What gets your creative juices flowing? 

Difficult to say, I can be stuck for a while and suddenly think of an idea and it all works from there. I’ve no idea what causes it or when it might happen. It just does.

  1. Who would you love most to meet ‘in person’ and why? 

I’m not sure I’d like to meet any famous people – don’t really want to come across as “yet another fan” and worried about what they might think of me or that I’d say something utterly stupid.

  1. Do you have a favorite snack that you like to munch on while writing? 

I probably eat too many sweets and should eat nuts or something instead.

  1. Do you have a hobby? 

Reading. Makes sense…

  1. Do you read your reviews on your books? Do they influence your story at all? 

I’m interested in reading reviews but they’ve never influenced me one way or another. Obviously I love it when I get a good review but regardless of what the reader says I stick to the story – after all the book has already come out by the time the reviews start appearing! One thing I will do is check and edit if needed, if someone has pointed out some technical issue (which is always helpful and appreciated)

  1. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? 

Whether it’s interesting or not is debatable, but I do always need to have a title in place before I write anything meaningful for a new work. It may not be the title I end up using, but I have to have *something* half decent in place.

  1. Do you have another profession besides writing?

Not really. I have to work in order to earn enough to eat but I don’t have any profession or expertise as such.

  1. If you could go back in time, where would you go? 

I think I’d rather go forward in time. I’m curious to see if humanity finally finishes the world off forever (I have no doubt that it will eventually)

  1. What’s the one thing you would do if you could be your character for a day? 

Write a spin-off story about myself and put the author Simon Williams into it, then go round his house and ask him to write a story about him reading it. The ultimate paradox?

  1. What was the inspiration for “The Light from Far Below”?

 I’d been planning it for a while- Summer’s Dark Waters needed a sequel, and I wanted to take the story forward a year and a half for the characters and bring it up to date with more of a focus on the wider world as well as an escalation of the ideas and events that were touched on in the first book.

  1. Will there be more books in your series, or can you tell us about any previous books?

 I’ve left The Light From Far Below so that it brings closure (maybe not the sort everyone will like, but still) but at the same time it does leave the scenario open for a possible third book. There doesn’t *need* to be a third book and there might never be (if there was, it would be aimed at the adult market). Who knows what the future holds. I may revisit their saga, I may not.

  1. What is your favorite part of this book and why?

 There is a part where Amber finally (despite all the things she’s seen) no longer feels afraid (I don’t want to give away more than that, but that was an important moment for the character, focusing on the moment when you suddenly realise you have more courage and fortitude than you realise – and a sort of fire blossoms inside)

  1. What are you currently working on?

A standalone novel featuring three characters whose lives become intertwined against a backdrop of what might be best described as an alternative Industrial Revolution with elements of steampunk, sci-fi / tech, dark fantasy and psychological horror. I’m happy with what I’ve written so far and hope to complete it by early 2019.

 Thank you, Simon.  And here’s a sneak peek at The Light from Far Below:

“You can’t go home, Amber. You know perfectly well that you don’t have one anymore. Home’s gone. Daddy’s gone. Joe’s long gone from your dreary life, but he lingers on in your head, doesn’t he? Like a footprint or a ghost. A faded sketch of the boy you once knew.”

Joe’s and Amber’s lives have changed, their fates engineered by unseen forces. The Order is not the organisation they thought it was. Universal secrets exist that Joe and Amber have only just begun to reveal.

Can they stay hidden from their enemies and find a way to stem the tide of chaos beginning to sweep through the world?

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/Light-Far-Below-Simon-Williams-ebook/dp/B07CR4VVB8/ref=sr_1_cc_9?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1527195783&sr=1-9-catcorr&keywords=simon+williams