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Real, RealDoll (no I’m not stuttering!)!!  A talking, emoting(?) human-size, life-like sex toy.

I first saw the RealDolls on a Facebook post and had to learn more…like if they made male models.  I dropped that idea like a lava rock when I found out the price is a modest $10,000.  Not this week.

Abyss Creations is making Love For Sale—very reminiscent of my book of the same name.  Love For Sale was published in 2015, but the story goes way back to the 90s.  It began as a short story, won an award, and I thought ‘why not a novel?’

I digress.

One of the dolls, the one shown in the ads, is named Harmony.  A columnist from the Engadget visited Abyss’ facility and met Harmony. He said, “Harmony’s eyes are a window to an uncertain future.”

I am intrigued by AI used as loving companions—not so much as pleasure…

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