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This interview was conducted by Diane Burton and reposted here.

* Tell us about yourself.

My name is Eyrael, and I am the God of Wind and Sea. In my world, I am pure spirit. We do not have bodies but are endless energy traveling through time and space. That is in my dimension.  When I am summoned across into this dimension as the witch Heather did this time, I take on a physical form, but I can still alter that body at will. When she summoned me, I formed from the ocean in which she was drowning, into a man, but that shape frightened her, so I morphed into a winged black stallion, the form preferred by the People, and it seemed by the witch because she began to trust me.  Of course, she had to do so. We were in a deadly gamble to escape the evil Shaman and his band of warriors. You see in this dimension I, too, can die.

What does your family think of this ‘crossing over’?

My brother is also summoned by the People and to them he is the God of Earth and Fire. Sofiel and I do not agree on many things, particularly the greed and hunger for power of the new Shaman, Taino. He leads the People into closer relationship with Sofiel.  In their dimension, true to his dominion, Sofiel is a dark and forbidding god. He calls for human sacrifice. I abhor the thought of death to any of my People. He drinks blood sacrifices. I do not. My bound elements are light and air not dark and heavy.

What do you enjoy about physicality in this dimension? Pleasure such as seeing, feeling, hearing—the five senses taken for granted by Man. In my dimension, I can experience seeing, hearing and touch but at home we are, more or less, emotionless except for pure Joy. I love beautiful women, sex, the sweet feeling of love and a good strong whiskey.

If you could give the younger version of yourself advice what would it be? I am neither young nor old. I am ageless, here and now, there and forever. If I were to heed my own advice, it would have been to fall in love with one woman and father sons on her alone. The ways of the past encouraged me to fertilize many women among the People.

Who are the People?

And obscure branch of the Arawak Indians who migrated to Jamaica from South America under my auspices and protection on the long trek. It hurts that now with Taino as Shaman, they are turning from me to the darkness.

Do you know if this book Linda Nightingale has written about your struggles was driven by plot or character?

Definitely character.  Heather began our story, and when she called her over to rescue her from drowning in my Sea, I continued our tale with the writer.

Tell me about this Sofiel, God of Earth and Fire.

At home, my brother is as I, content and joyful, but when he is summoned, he changes the moment he transforms.  I attribute this to the influence of the young Shaman who wants nothing more than to be at Sofiel’s side when they prevail over me.  The fool doesn’t realize I’d welcome him as my Shaman if he would renounce his dark ways.  I do not feel him capable of becoming something he, at heart, is simply not.