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Halloween month, October 7th is Release Day for my paranormal romance and the 5-star reviews are already coming in.  Sandra Dailey said she told her husband every move the characters made.

Here’s what Uncaged Reviews had to say about Sinners’ Opera,

Sophisticated, arrogant, beautiful, darkness, love. Many things can describe Morgan D;Arcy….the passionate lover everyone wishes for…

…will haunt you long after you finish reading it.

This all-consuming love story of Morgan and Isabeau will enthrall the reader as they overcome the obstacles in their path to happiness.


“Isabeau!”  Gabriel’s voice would forever strike a chord deep inside.

Morgan leaned over the mahogany railing, his eyes alight, his smile breathtaking.

“Morgan,” she breathed, her heart thudding.

Tonight, she’d caught him in his robe.  Riding mid-thigh, the green brocade smoking jacket showed fine, long legs.  Hair mussed, eyes sleep-misted, Morgan looked like a boy who’d just woken up.  The slender, muscled physique was all man.  Was he naked beneath the robe?  Her nipples tingled, imagining him nude and erect.

The handsome devil must have had one hell of a late night and slept all day.  The brunette’s face popped into Isabeau’s head.  Jealousy even tasted green.  God, what if the woman was still here!

Avery caught her hand, claiming her attention.  “Madam, do you like Beef Wellington?”

A languorous stretch elongated Morgan’s perfect body.  “Yes, she does.”

Isabeau frowned, opened her mouth to ask how he knew.  A flash in the corner of her eye, and Morgan stood at her elbow, his smile and his eyes sheer mischief.

“Sorry.  I shouldn’t have spoken for you.”  He took her hands, his touch sizzling over her.  “I can’t believe you’re actually here.  I’m delighted to see you.”

“Even unannounced?”  She squeezed his hands.  “I’m sorry about the other night.”

He shook his head, his gaze hot and intense.  “Think no more of it,” and her embarrassment evaporated.  “Please join me for dinner.  Avery has been eager to flaunt his culinary skills.  If you refuse, he’ll never forgive you, will you, Avery?”

“No, madam, I shan’t ever forgive you.”  The old gent gave her a mock stern look.

“How can I tempt you?”  Morgan bit the lower lip of a smile.

She laughed.  “Oh, I don’t know.  Do you have a piano by chance?”

He snapped his fingers.  “Avery, isn’t there a piano in the music room?”

The old man frowned, shaking his head.  “Sir, I believe there’s a piano in the music room but then we’d require someone to play it.”

“I can play chopsticks.”  Morgan touched her shoulder, zapping her knees weak.

“I can prepare a delectable Beef Wellington.”  Avery nodded emphatically.

Morgan’s Gabriel eyes caressed her.  “Sorry you caught me looking like this.”

You look good enough to eat.  She hadn’t spoken aloud, but Morgan arched a brow, his smile as enticing as it was wicked.  The man beamed sexual energy.

She flung a gesture of surrender and laughed.  “How could I refuse?”