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How It Feels to be a Publisher’s Clearing House Winner

By Toni V. Sweeney, Posted by Linda Nightingale

Yes, I won the Publisher’s Clearing House lottery…twice!  But before you start hitting me up for a loan, read my story.  Afterward, you’ll probably want to pretend you don’t know me as far as money is concerned.

The year was 1968.  Back then, Publisher’s Clearing House sent out catalogues listing books at discount prices, a kind of paper  They carried bestsellers, as well as esoteric and out-of-the-ordinary reading material, and occasionally some little gems. I’d gotten on the mailing list while in college and had ordered quite a few books from them, usually in the mystery or horror vein.  Then, I started getting the lottery entry forms with their usual literature.  Of course, I sent the tickets in.  I was young, I had a job, but I also wanted all the…

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