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TODAY!!  Black Lotus Books released Bianca Swan’s dark fantasy, Gemini Rising. Let’s hear about it from Bianca. Here’s the mic.

Thank you, Linda. I’m excited about the little book for two main reasons out of many. First, it is my first book with Black Lotus Books.  Second, for this reason:

There’s a story behind the penning of this tale, but not one like I’m writing about my own life.  I’m not a twin nor do I have any siblings. Nope. The tale behind this tale begins on Miami Beach yonks of years ago.

I’d been out on South Beach with a friend until quite late this non-momentous Saturday night. The next morning at 6 AM, the characters in Gemini Rising started yelling in my ear to tell their story.  I turned over , put the pillow over my head, but they wouldn’t shut up. I told them quite frankly I wasn’t interested in writing a controversial book. They didn’t listen. At last, in the interests of preserving what was left of my sanity, I crawled from bed and grabbed the nearest paper, which proved to be a legal pad.

On that legal pad, in purple ink, about half of what would have been Gemini Rising, had it been a novella, was written.  I had a beginning, a turning point, and an end.  I hoped the prose wasn’t as purple as the pen.  But that was the beginning and almost end of the book…

I put it aside, thinking no one would ever publish a controversial book. At the urging of Toni Sweeney, a very prolific author friend, I sent it to Double Dragon Publishing in Canada. To my vast surprise, I got a phone call at work one day accepting the book for publication! I would have hugged Toni’s neck but she was a thousand miles away.

Long story short, when my rights reverted to  me, I found Black Lotus Books–or rather they found me, and that’s another story.


The Alastair twins are a scientific impossibility. To parents who’ve tried every way to have a child, their male and female identical twins are a miracle.

Isolated in their island castle, the Alastair twins Alain and Alina turn to each other for friendship and love. But when their love shifts from fraternal to frighteningly deep, they’ll each dance with their lust in their own way.

A dark fantasy of forbidden longings and midnight pledges, spoken only to be broken or kept. How can these phenomenal twins possibly unleash their innermost desires? The answer will shock you.

Purchase Link:  https://blacklotustaboobooks.com/product/gemini-rising-biana-swan/

Which cover do you like best:  OR:

the one that in the end was rejected in favor of the pink one.

Gemini Rising has one factor in common with Game of Thrones. Can anyone guess what? I can send you a copy of an out-of-print novella, Hot Spanish Nights. This one is being rewritten and will be substantially different. The first one to guess correctly will win. If more than one guesses right, Siri can give me a random number. 🙂 OR US ONLY: A print copy of Gemini Rising published in 2012,  Please state your preference.