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With the help of our own MJ, I entered Amazon’s new universe Kindle Vella with three stories. I created covers for the stories on Canva, but they were the wrong size. Creating the covers was the limit of my knowledge, so MJ kindly resized them for me. She also, in steps as I ventured into the waters, answered my questions and offered extremely beneficial assistance! I posted Denouement, Haunted Summer and Gypsy Ribbons. Short descriptions:

Gypsy Ribbons – Lady Victoria Darby escapes London society as a spoiled brat. A moonlight ride on the moor and an encounter with a notorious highwayman will forever change the way she lives…and the way she dies.

Denouement – Ellen Tracy has lost her faith in the City of Angels until the Seraph Iofiel appears to rescue her from Armageddon, but she soon learns she has a starring role in the sequel to the end…

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