Gemini Rising by Bianca Swan

Formerly published as a Dark Fantasy, GEMINI RISING was #1 in the Preditors & Editors Poll in Mainstream Novel in 2012:

PRG Reviewer's Choice Award 2012_2nd place (2)

I have a few paperbacks of the original version of Gemini Rising for sale. The story hasn’t changed in substance since the initial printing. If you are interested in a first edition, contact me at Nitethyme2003 at This paperback is $14.99.

The second printing will be available this month from Black Lotus Books, the name in taboo erotic literature.  Here is the link to their on-line store:



From birth, Alain and Alina Alastair are a scientific phenomenon—identical male/female twins—a biological impossibility.  Wishing to avoid notoriety, Lord and Lady Alastair whisk their miracle children to their island home isolated by a two-hour ferry journey from the mainland of England.  It is at Alastair Keep that their destiny unfolds to the constant percussion of a restless sea.

As a young man, Alain craves escape from the seclusion while Alina more willingly follows her heart.  Unaware, they courageously struggle with a genetic proclivity, the Gemini Factor, that will lead them down forbidden paths. The secrets at Alastair Keep will undermine the foundations of their world and threaten their very lives.

Her Brother’s Wife is a dark psychological novel dealing with a controversial subject in a fantasy setting and is available from Lot’s Cave Publishing.


Alain tucked the in-flight magazine into the seat pocket and gazed out the scratched window of the 747.  Distance vanished on clouds fleeing beneath the silver wings, carrying him from a dark-eyed beauty to a fair-haired princess locked in an island castle.  From one life in the sun to a score of problems.

Someone was going to get hurt.

Already he hurt—a low throbbing like a toothache.  If he returned to Portugal, Alina would be devastated.  His father would disown him.  If he picked up his discarded heritage, a part of him would die and Maritza would grieve.  For a time.  He wasn’t vain enough to think the black-haired beauty would die without him.

The choice lay in his hands.

Damn life got complicated when he tried to declare independence from The Keep.  He shifted his long legs cramped beneath the airline seat.  He preferred not to think, but fragments of memory plagued the corners of his eyes.

A vivid picture of Alina supplanted images of recent days drenched white-hot by a Portuguese sun.  His twin’s presence was more corporeal than the woman sitting to his left.  Welcome or not, Alina was there inside him, the mere thought of her a compulsion.  He sensed her anticipation mounting as the miles melted.  Excitement tingled over him.  In self defense, he grasped at a memory of riding the splendid Lusitano stallions.  As he pictured Maritza framed in an arbor of roses, his heart dived.

Book Video by Blazing Trailers:


5-Star Review by Close Encounters with the Night Kind: 

This was quite a unique read with a completely surprising ending. I was blown away by what is actually revealed at the end. When you begin reading this book, I promise you that all of the conclusions you draw are 100% wrong. I’m still in a state of shock!!! This story is centered around the lives of the impossible twins that were born to a very wealthy couple. Alina and Alain are identical different sex twins, something that is not deemed possible. LOL…looking back through the book, the clues were all there for me but I was so concentrated on how this relationship between the main characters progressed, that I ignored them. I perhaps wouldn’t have been so floored. I enjoyed the read even though it had quite a measurement of pain laced through it, as the twins were forced to separate throughout the book. It is hard to actually give a through review because it will give away the book! All I can say is that Linda is a genius!! The ending of the book was completely unexpected!!
5-Star Review by Karen Michelle Nutt:  Lust, Passion and Secrets.
Only same sex twins can be identical, but Alain and Alina are the exception to this rule. They are a biological miracle. To keep the twins safe and away from the media, their wealthy parents keep them hidden from society on an isolated island until they are old enough to attend college. The twins have a connection to each other that goes beyond the norm. They thrive when together and spin out of control when apart, but their need for each other is something society will never accept. When faced with a solution, they allow another into their lives, but though the young man adores Alina, the threads that bind all three of them together begin to unravel. Alain and Alina’s love is shocking, but the passion is real and heart wrenching. Only when the secrets are revealed will the truth set Alain and Alina free. This tale takes the reader on a journey of passion, lust and heartache, but with each moment, each event, the lies and secrets unravel until the truth is revealed. Ms. Nightingale cleverly drops hints throughout the story with subtle references that the reader will come to realize only at the story’s conclusion.  Of course this tale may not be for everyone, but Ms. Nightingale has a way with words, making it difficult to put the book down. Read the story with an open mind and the questions and uncertainties will be answered.

Soon to be released by Black Lotus Books.  Release date will be announced here and on Bianca’s Swan’s blog


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